Adorable Mom facts

Motherhood is the most beautiful phase of a woman's life. We all love our moms and we have heard everything about motherhood from the pains to the gains but do we really know everything about it? Here are three adorable facts about motherhood!

#Fact 1 

"Maa" a small word with a big meaning. But did you know babies are really the ones who created this word? Yes! It is one of the first sound that a baby makes and it might be spelled different in different languages , it is actually same word created by every baby! Interesting?

#Fact 2

We all know moms carry baby's everywhere but they really do, I mean C'mon , it is a process "microchimerism" which means moms carry part of baby's DNA after it is born everywhere in their body- their hearts, their brain , practically everywhere! Amazing mothers!

#Fact 3

Mother's are real time mediciners! Yes! When a baby inside a mother's womb experiences any bacteria or virus attack , mother's body provides real time immunity by passing required immunity through breastmilk. Wow! Salute moms!